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Devico AS

Devico has more than 30 year experience with directional core drilling (DCD) and borehole surveying. The company has developed a range of top quality instruments including directional core barrel, core orientation equipment, and both magnetic and non-magnetic downhole survey instruments. Using these technologies, our clients reach their targets while reducing drilling costs. Today, Devico is the global market leader in providing directional coring services directly, and via its network of exclusive agents and subsidiaries.

DeviCore BBT - Efficiency and reliability all in one

The DeviCore BBT represents an integration of the patent pending Brilliant Blue™ technology and other proprietary Devico technologies. The DeviCore BBT employs the same Devidip system probe technology which has proven to be an industry leader in precision for more than 30 years as a part of the Devidrill, combining electronic core orientation integration with running gear.

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DeviHead BBT - Head assembly core orientation tool

NEW: The DeviHead is the new and unique core orientation system by Devico. Consisting of a miniature survey instrument small enough to fit inside a core barrel head assembly, the DeviHead offers a revolutionary system fully integrated with the drilling equipment.

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DeviAligner ™ - Surface & Underground Alignment System with Instant reading

The DeviAligner is a portable battery operated north seeking gyro alignment system designed to make and record highly accurate measurements of True North, inclination and roll angles both at surface and underground drill sites. Testamonial from site geologist at Goldcorp in Canada this year after they went researching and looking for the best alignment systems available, they decided to go with the new Devico DeviAligner.

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DeviSight ™ - Ensuring your direction with a True North Azimuth Alignment System

DeviSight is non magnetic GPS compass for surface alignment application True North Azimuth, DIP, latitude and longitude coordinates.

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NEW: Gone are the days when the survey tool had to stand still at each survey station to log data. The DeviFlexRapid can be moved continuously without stopping from start to end of hole, and back again. DeviFlexRapid is a package consisting the highly popular non-magnetic DeviFlex Auto-Rotate survey instrument, the smart DeviCounter and QA processing software. With these three technologies combined, the user can perform high accuracy surveys at a fraction of the time previously needed.

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DeviGyro - Versatile gyro surveying solution

The DeviGyro is a miniature gyro instrument for continuous borehole surveying. Its small design and efficient operation makes it the perfect solution for a large variety of surveying applications, including Core Drilling, Reverse Circulation, Civil, Blast holes, etc.

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Application: Core drilling
Overshot Xpress consists of a dedicated overshot system with similar length as a standard overshot. It may be used either as a standalone drop overshot or an add-on to the standard overshot.


R30 Slimline

Application: Civil, Blast & Injection holes, Slim holes
The preferred option for short and/or slim holes, e.g. production holes or blast and injection holes. The lightweight titanium barrel and small size make the RG30 both sturdy and easy to handle.


RG40 Standart

Application: Core drilling, RC, Civil and more
The standard 40 mm survey running gear includes patent pending adjustable centralizers, facilitating continuous in-rod surveying for a wide range of inner diameters and applications, including coring & RC.


DeviShot ™ - Most Advanced Single & MultiShot instruments in the industry

This most versatile rugged instrument features a low voltage wireless communication system with Brilliant Blue Technology (BBT), a robust Titanium STRUCTURE with integrated running gear, limited maintenance, quality control of survey data, LED indicator for communication, battery control.

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